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Cosmic Girls

6 Girls 6 Continents

The only worldwide competition equipping girls to become more than a suborbital astronaut!

Cosmic girls animation showing off gravity defying hair
  • 6 competition finalists (1 per continent) receive commercial astronaut training and experiences

  • A seat on a suborbital spaceflight for 1 Grand Prize Winner *

  • Building girls’ STEAM, Key Life, and Mission Skills

  • Mentoring opportunities with our partners

  • Networking and media opportunities for contestants

  • Opportunities for contestants to further their space careers 

  • Global networking platform for upskilled girls

* Spaceflight eligibilty for girls 18 or 19 years and contingent upon Cosmic Girls achieving its charitable funding goals

Gravity Defying Hair

Astronaut Training  for 6 Finalists

Mindy Howard signing autographs with girls from different ethnicities around her
Dr Mindy Howard on a parabolic flight

Mental preparedness training -

Inner Space Training ©:  Ages 14-19

Zero - G training for parabolic flight for microgravity: Ages 14-19

Dr Mindy Howard getting pinned from graduating from NASTAR center
suborbital spaceflight.jfif

Centrifuge Training and experience at NASTAR Center Ages: 18-19

Suborbital Spaceflight for Grand Prize Winner: Ages 18-19 (provided sufficient funds are raised)

A program for every girl:
every girl is a winner

connecting girls icon

Connecting Girls:

To our global online networking forum and to our corporate partners at space, aerospace and tech companies for potential internships and employment.

Building astronaut skills

Building Astronaut Skills:

By joining a Cosmic

Girls international or

local non-profit program offering space, STEAM, 

and Key Life skills education.

Finding mentors

Mentoring Girls:

Some non-profits offer the girls mentors and role models to help them navigate their personal journey.

Exploration to Expansion and networking for girls

Sustaining  Engagement:

Generating staying power by offering stimulating new programs to keep girls in the astronaut talent pipeline for the long haul

Flight path

Competition flight path...

taking a selfie icon

1. Girls submit 2 videos and select a partner program to join

Judges select finalist
finalists fly to training locations
Documentary gets made
Grand prize winner wins suborbital spaceflight

2. Judges select 1 finalist per continent

3. Media announces the 6 Finalists to be flown to training destinations

4. Documentary charts the 6 Finalists' journey from competition entry to training completion

5. International press covers Grand Prize Winner's suborbital launch 

Entry Form

How to enter the
Cosmic Girls Competition

The competition is eligible to all girls ages 14-19 born before July 2010


Step 1: Read instructions  When filling out the entry form, it is advisable to either print out or open the detailed instructions that are underlined in the hyperlink in a separate window to better guide you

Step 2: Fully complete the Impact questionnaire, then proceed to Step 3

Step 3: Then complete the entry form below then click on the "Submit your entry" button.

Cosmic Girls Entry Form

Thanks for applying to become a Cosmic Girl! We'll be in touch!

Add question about girls must allow for biomedical monitoring in space and sharing their data
and ask a new question whether they have joined the cosmic forum yet.. required entry

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