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Cosmic Girls

6 Girls 6 Continents Competition

The only worldwide competition equipping girls to become an astronaut!


Step 1 - Join the Cosmic Forum (mandatory to enter the competition). 
Step 2 - Decide which Program Partner you would like to join and register for their program. 
Step 3 - When competition starts in autumn 2024, fill out the application form, which will be made available then. 

Astronaut Training  for 6 Finalists

Dr. Mindy Howard signing autographs with school girls from different ethnicities around her
Zero G parabolic flight group linked together in circle flying as a group

Mental preparedness training -

Inner Space Training ©:  Ages 14-19

Zero - G training for parabolic flight in microgravity: Ages 14-19

NASTAR centrifuge
suborbital spaceflight.jfif

Centrifuge Training and experience at NASTAR Center Ages: 18-19

Spaceflight for Grand Prize Winner: Ages 18-19 (provided sufficient funds are raised)

Flight path

Competition flight path...

taking a selfie

1. Girls submit 2 videos and select a partner program to join

judges make selection
Plane flies finalists to training locations
documentary gets made of competition
Grand prize winner wins a spaceflight icon

2. Judges select 1 finalist per continent

3. Media announces the 6 Finalists to be flown to training destinations

4. Documentary charts the 6 Finalists' journey from competition entry to training completion

5. International press covers Grand Prize Winner's suborbital launch 

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