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Dream! Dare! Do!

Our mission is getting girls into space and making gender equity a reality by including geographically diverse and economically vulnerable girls within the incoming space generation.
The road to becoming an astronaut is demanding. It requires mastering 3 skill sets which we refer to as our
"Astronaut-building Solar System":
  • STEAM Skills
  • ​​Key Life Skills
  • Astronaut Skills


With the help of our nonprofit program partners, Cosmic Girls builds a new space generation.  


Astronaut building skillset: Key life skills, astronaut skills and STEAM skills

How do we upskill girls?

STEAM Skills

Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

Key Life Skills

Resilience, Grit, Leadership, Vision, Compassion

Executed by our worldwide
non-profit partners

Mission Skills

Mental preparedness, Zero- Gravity, Hi- Gravity

Facilitated by
Inner Space Training

Inner Space Training logo and patch
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